Exterior Renovations



Create a grand entrance to your home by simply changing your front door! By installing a new front door, you are able to not only change the exterior look of your house, but the interior as well. You can trust FDP Builders to help you pick the right front door to ensure your safety and to boost your home’s overall appearance. We offer an array of door styles and designs: single, double, arch top, and we can even custom make a door to your liking! But that’s not all! We also offer many door options to dress up the interior of your home as well!


Choosing window replacements for your home may seem overwhelming, but there are various things to consider when picking out the right windows for your home. When working with FDP, you’ll be pointed in the right direction for all considerations, including different window types and sizes. We offer a selection of window options that are all substantial in unique ways. Bay and bow windows are both designed to expand the room by protruding outward, however bay only has three glass panels, while bow typically has four or five. The added space creates a great location for a picturesque window seat. Casement windows are a very contemporary option; they are hinged at the side and open outward rather than double hung windows, which are opened upward. Replacing windows will elegantly update your home’s look and resale value. With FDP, you can rest assured that everything is done properly and with care.


By replacing the siding on your home, you can create a strong curb appeal as well increase your home’s resale value. At FDP, we feel it is important to keep up with the exterior maintenance of your home to ensure its beauty, energy efficiency and functionality. When choosing a siding, there are a few different aspects to consider: water resistance capabilities, installation process, appearance and durability. FDP will make sure that all these properties are addressed when installing new siding. We offer many different siding options to complement your home’s individual look and style: vinyl, metal, fiber cement and stucco, to name a few.

Deck and Porches:

The installation of decks and porches have become increasingly popular throughout the years, as many homeowners are interested in expanding the use of their homes’ outdoor space by adding a little extra flair to their back and front yards. FDP is experienced in constructing many different types of porches, including wraparound porches that are big enough to fit seating arrangements; side porches; and simple porches with stairs and a small walkway leading to the front door. When it comes to decks, FDP specializes in all sizes and styles of decks, such as one level versus multiple levels, as well as offers a wide selection of different materials and colors to choose from. If you are looking for something more intimate, we can construct a gazebo to provide a relaxing retreat in the shade. With the help of the FDP team, you will be able to pick and choose what product and style is right for your home and lifestyle.