Custom Home Building:

Are you starting out fresh and want to build your home from the ground up? Then FDP Builders is the right choice for you. We can advise and educate you throughout the entire process, starting from the lot selection. After the site is prepared, we will go through a series of inspections to ensure the safety of the lot before beginning the rough framing, which consists of installation of floors, walls, and roof systems. The next steps include plumbing and insulation, followed by interior textures and exterior finishes. We’ll even help suggest what colors to paint your walls! Our careful planning and attention to detail is evident throughout the entire process up through the final walkthrough, which is when we will acquaint you with your new home and its features and components. You can count on FDP Builders to utilize a team approach in order to get the job done collectively, efficiently and properly.



One of our main priorities when adding a level or levels to a home is making sure that all levels match with the rest of the house. If you are happy with the location of your home, but are consistently running out of living space, adding a level may be the perfect answer to your dilemma. The process typically entails removing the roof, adding a floor to a section of or the entire house, then recreating the roof on top of the new addition. By adding a level, homeowners can re-purpose existing space and create new functional purposes to the new space. There is no project that is too big or too complicated for our team of experts; we are always ready to continuously discuss and design in order to fulfill each project to our customers’ expectations.



Extensions and additions are a great way to expand living space without having to relocate your home. Both extensions and additions are typically constructed from a portion of the house and built upward or outward. For example, we can take a small linen closet and expand it with a second floor! Whether you need an extension on your kitchen to add more cabinets and counter room or an addition above your garage for more living space, FDP Builders is fantastic at showing homeowners a detailed design of what their end result will look like, and amazingly, we are more affordable than you might imagine. As professionals, we know exactly where to extend out and where to add up in order to make the homeowner’s design a reality, all the while staying within the desired budget.


House Lift:

In the past couple of years, flooding has had a major effect on the tri-state area. In most recent times, Hurricane Sandy demolished thousands of homes across New Jersey, and, because of it, many people have taken the opportunity to protect their homes from future damage due to flooding by lifting their houses. FDP Builders offers house raising services that will help protect and prepare your home against harsh Mother Nature. The process is fairly complex: First, we must determine what type of flood zone you are located in so that we can establish how high your home should be elevated. We will temporarily raise your house using hydraulic jacks, which will then give us the room to begin constructing the new area underneath it. The foundation will be filled with blocks, pilings or helical pilings depending on the flood zone you are located in. FDP employees are skilled and trained in doing such rigorous work like house raising, and will ensure the safety and quality assurance all the way through the end result.